I Don’t Know

I Dont KnowI don’t know why I’m here again
Is this me, I didn’t think I’d do this, be this
I smiled yesterday, your voice convinced me
It was worth it but today

A million miles away

Why did you do this, why can’t we help
Why can’t we be close, will you do it again
Why did you leave a note, what made you want this
Why are you like this, how can we help you

I don’t
I don’t
I don’t want to

Hurt you I don’t
Want to
Sorry, Sorry I can’t
Think straight, can’t sort

Hey West Bridgewater kids
This is me, you saw this coming right
She didn’t, she didn’t think she’d be

In a moment
A knife on a table, a bus speeding down the road
Waves crashing against the rocks
Take me, take me please

Look away, shut your eyes
Piercing the darkness, they hurt me
Wash my hands in red
Oh boy, I wonder what I lose next

I fade, I return, I come when I please
You don’t get to decide, no
You welcome me, you embrace me
And then I will fucking kill you

I’m disappearing, I’m losing control
Can you see me go piece by piece
Every last scrap of me is vanishing
And soon there will be nothing

And then you will see how I feel inside


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