Sapphire into Emerald

Sapphire into EmeraldBest read on desk top.

A swarm of angry bees. Whirling like a hurricane. Buzzing, impossible to hear above the roar.

They don’t understand. They weren’t there. They didn’t see him.

Are you serious?

How could you support this?

I didn’t think this was what we were about.

Katrina, you’re too close to this one.

How could children understand war.  She was supposed to guard them from this.

But now…

She needed them to know her pain.

I won’t support this.

Who are you?

They strike us, we strike back. We hit them hard.

Yes, but why today? He just died.

Katrina, c’mon. Give them a day to grieve.

Red lines in eyes. Throbbing head. Cough. The heart explodes, the chest retreating from it. Pulling.

Hey, whoa, are you okay?

Yes, yes, I’m

———————fine. Our window is small, we have to do it today.

Open eyes, staring up at an unknown ceiling. A hand passes over them, but the eyes stay fixed on the ceiling.

Her hand in his. The fingers don’t bend into hers.

She didn’t want this either. She didn’t think this is who they were.

Then she held his hand.

Hey, you there?

What’s going on with her?

Charlotte, can you talk to her?

Vision steadies, still here.



What —-oh sorry I’m back.

Jesus, she’s crazy.

Cacophony. The swarm presses together, their stingers jabbing at her in a frenzy.

Sapphire eyes pierce the mob, pierce her. Already, the warmth transfers. Phantom limbs embrace her.

Not now. Can’t be now.

What is she doing?

I’m not—I can’t—I can’t be part of this.

God, give her a second to think.


It drips down her temple.

The crimson mask hides it well.


Hand on her shoulder. Angry brown eyes, not sapphire. Whose are they? Only brown.


Katrina, you need to get some rest before we talk about this.











Excuse me.

No brown, no sapphire, no red. Only everything, swirling, a storm. Panic.

It begins again:  Frozen eyes————————limp hand————————silence.

No more no more no more no more no more no more no more no more no more no

Emerald eyes back into emerald. Blood worse than she thought. Don’t let them see.

Armor and mask crumpled around her feet in the bathroom.

Who is this sixteen year old girl she sees? Tank top and leggings, tiny frame with baby fat hanging from her arms. Would her father pick her up from school soon?

Foot pressed into bunched up cape like a pillow. The mask stares up.

Come back.

No, no, I need to


————————————-the —-ble—-e——d——-i———n———-g———-.

The mouth that screamed for war. The eyes that urged them to kill. The hands that hoped to revive him.

Stupid. ——–Silly. —————-Girl.

The faucet empties into her hands. Water slapped into face.

You thought you could change the world.

Blackness. Red smears on the hands.

Stop it!

A finger against her arm. Soft flesh embracing her.

Will the baby cry?

Kat, I’m worried about you.

Sapphire eyes into emerald.

I’m sorry.

Don’t be. I love you.

Lips pressed together, the death slips into her open mouth. Her poison.

They’re right, we need the time to grieve.

The phantom train carries him away.

Tender, leaning in, flesh mashed together. Tongue rolls onto hers. Messy. Children stacked together in a trench coat. Two smiles blend.

Where did they go?

Should I go in there?

What’s going to happen?

Not over yet.

I’m going to go out Wait. there and ———what? What’s the

Stay a little.





I don’t get to see your face anymore.


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