On the Nose

On the Nose.JPGA clap on the back, a glimmer in the eyes
A smile that doesn’t fit; glowing skin
A tension I didn’t want, my coulda shoulda woulda didn’ts
You ol’ so-and-so how you doing?

Yeah ah it’s

Three years ago I was trying to hold it together and then
Then I saw you and you saw me despite my facade
And I collapsed in your arms, melted, out of control
Like a baby, I was oh yeah work is good um yep

I’m at Starbucks still yeah

( Oh yes, I know that things aren’t fine
——–And how I’d love to cry into those arms again
—————-But back then I was misery incarnate, and shouldn’t
————————Shouldn’t I, well, shouldn’t I be hopeful for them just once

—————————————-I was their project after all
——————————————————–And they worked so hard on me)

Suicide, hah, oh, that old thing
I daren’t even think of the word
I’m great now, I’m writing again

Writing, this is writing
Look, at the words, at the movement
It’s amazing how I can take my specific thoughts and write them down and call them

Then, oh, oh, oh drat
A crack in my voice and I hope they let it
Because I don’t want to

Hurt you again
Hurt you again?
Ha I am the one who is suicidal so that’s funny
See, look, writing!  Writing means you are doing better

I just know that you are strong and good
And that I am worthless and already have a plan
Maybe next week, who knows, always hated thursdays
Heh heh heh

Just please smile and hurry off somewhere else
Stay away because you will live long and
I will not and you shouldn’t get involved
Forget I was ever here



Oh that’s right
I forgot

We’re not friends anymore


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