Celebrities at the Grocery Store

Celebrities in the Grocery Store

I work at the Ralph’s in Studio City!
Nice, a lot of movie stars go there.
I’m at the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks.
Oh yeah, lots of movie stars like that one.

I just want Brad Pitt to barge in and say
“Hey who gives a flying fuck?”
The door under my watchful eye for the whole orientation
Nope, he’s downstairs though I bet, he just loves the attention

People pretending to be other people
Because they can’t handle their own skin
How brave of them, let’s give them a mansion
Universal acclaim because you are attractive

Look into their dead eyes at the press junket
I see the eyes of your deli clerk nearly cutting their hand off by accident
Or a cashier glued to the floor who wants to run away
Or the kid pushing shopping carts back to the store who almost got ran over

They are the same as us
I just know what their butt looks like

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.05.19 PM

So can we stop talking about movie stars in the fucking grocery store?


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