A Kitten Named Ariadne, She Died, She Died

AriadneI found a stray kitten wandering outside my apartment complex
She was so curious and pawed at everything her little body would allow
Climbed to places I would never dare
Even though they were just two feet off the ground

Something in me was struck
So I tried to save her

I followed her around, coaxing her to get into this box
So she could be warm and safe that night
And failed and watched her fade into shadow
And had nightmares about her safety

Two days later, I found her plodding through the apartment complex grounds
Her shiny eyes hung onto me
And for once she remained still as I pet her
Maybe just maybe

Ariadne, because she’s curious, I decided
And when I fed her the food I bought for her today
She would climb into my lap and rest
And I would stay there with her until she became curious again

But for a second, two pairs of closed eyes
A tail finally paused, lying on my wrist
Her tiny body rising up and down into my palm
Some sense of fulfillment

To transition
To do HRT
You give up your motherhood
You cannot produce children

So get ready to cry
Because one night you will drink too much
And go to bed clutching your stomach
Wishing you were something else

I tell you this because
I want you to understand
Why I cried
When I found out she wasn’t a stray


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