TippingWould I rather be able to talk to animals
Or speak every language in the world
Two cups, two signs, two Baristas
Coins in each bucket

Every day it changes into something else
Some other dilemma to toss over
Each question a tough call
Something to mull over while your tea steeps

Standing in the bath room
Staring into my eyes
Or humans

Sometimes it is loose change no one wants
Other times it is truly generous
Or maybe to compensate, more symbolic than helpful

Somehow humanity has found a way
To make that one dollar bill split twenty three ways
Into the gross actions of feeble men
Showing off to others

The barista’s doeful eyes gaze upwards
And with such love and caring ask how they are
And the customer smiles and returns the love
Yet some restraint keeps it tame

Doing good is the standard
Doing alright is never a road to cross
And doing bad, well, it’s an eye roll and a laugh
The common frustration we all know but must still ignore

God coffee shops are so strange
I’m going to vote Speak to Animals with my quarter and call it a day


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