Steamed Hams But It’s a Top 10 List

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Ah! Superintendent Reader! Welcome! Hope you’re prepared for an incredible Top 10 list!


It is fascinating in this day and age that after countless hours animators toiled over crafting the perfect comedy scene, some idiot on the internet can mangle it within hours and put it out there on the internet for people to not only consume — but be touched by.

I graduated from film school in 2015 and I must say, there are some Steamed hams projects that blow the $10,000 projects I worked on out of the water.  And when I say some, I mean most.  And when I say some Steamed Hams projects, I include the ones like Steamed Hams but every m is MMMMMMMMMM  that peak early and don’t warrant coMMMMMMMpleting.

Yes. Some Steamed Hams videos are truly something else. The people who have bonded to forge this meme have truly done something special. Like I said, many memes have come and gone and we’ve had our laughs.

Remember the “[Jedi] vs. [Sith/Robot] but every time blades clash [X] says [Y]” meme? Stunningly funny — for a time. Then the formula became too routine, too expected, and the page that started it all, According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly fell from grace. Like Charles Foster Kane dying alone in a moment of bittersweet remembrance of a boy who was loved for a short time only.

But Steamed Hams has prevailed the test of time. I still laugh every time Seymour rushes to his oven to declare “Ye Gods! My roast is ruined!” I still cry when Chalmers has to reckon with Seymour’s refusal to allow him to see the Aurora Borealis.

So without further ado, let’s talk about art.

Before embarking on this journey with me, I highly recommend you throw Steamed Floyd: The Hams on in the background.

10. Steamed hams but you can pinpoint the second Chalmers’ hearts rips in half (made by tolbot.exe)

While certainly no entry level point into this meme, this takes place deeper down into the timeline.  Seymour’s delightfully devilish plan to purchase fast food and disguise it as his own cooking trapped him and Gary Chalmers in a time loop where they must endlessly repeat that day as some form of divine punishment, which is then streamed onto public access television for all to see.  Through clever usage of footage from other episodes, this short and sweet meme hits home.

9. Steamed Hams 10 times, sync point when Chalmers says “Aurora Borealis!” (made by TheWetMale)

An unforgettable classic that is well worth the wait.  Like the stunning and truly ground breaking Obi Wan Vs Anakin but Everytime Their Blade Clashes, Palpatine Tells The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis, it is a long ride before you get to see something truly special.  But it is the climb that reigns true in an adventure.  For one to enjoy that sweet air atop Mt. Everest, one must sweat blood and tears scaling the peak.  To take an elevator up the rocky terrain, or in this case, skip to the sync point, you rob yourself of the baited breath that will be released when you hear that mighty AURORA BOREALIS heard around the world.

8. Steamed Hams but it’s Ace Attorney (made by iKiwed)

While one will come into this illustrious project longing for a classic “Objection!” or perhaps even a “Take that!,” they will walk away feeling emotional fulfilled from this incredibly well done adaptation from the famous Game Boy Advance game.  For Chalmers to launch a pointed “Objection!” at Seymour would have derailed his character arc, bringing this piece down to mere fan service.  While ☆Mr. Paul☆’s Steamed Hams but with Ace Attorney OST as background music for whatever reason is a serviceable adaptation, I would say it’s the Lego Batman to iKiwed’s The Lego Movie.

7. Steamed hams but Skinner is honest about everything (made by 1jim3bob)

In this universe of Seymour and Gary re-enacting their darkest moment together as friends, Skinner puts his foot down and decides to tell the honest to God truth for once.  But as the legend goes, the boy who cried wolf was immediately eaten alive I think, I might need to fact check that.

Eh, who cares.  Let’s just say died.

Irregardless of the truth of my comparison, Gary is so used to the lies of Seymour, that he cannot accept the truth that clearly sits before him.  This piece is truly a comedy of errors.

6. Steamed Hams but it’s directed by David Lynch (made by sinätuuba paska)

This film is a true inspiration to creative people around the world.  When David Lynch crafted this piece and released it to the internet, it was a failure.  It was a lazy edit that merely added the score from one of his films to the greatest comedy scene of all time.  But after receiving 12 dislikes on YouTube, David Lynch himself remembered the young man who dare to create Eraserhead.  That was the Lynch he needed, not the one who floundered in creating Inland Empire.

So he shook it off and got back to work and crafted this masterpiece.

5. Steamed Hams but Skinner is CIA (made by KennyNwasad)

Stars truly aligned for these two master class memes to collide in such a delightfully devilish way.  The way Skinner confidentially confronts Chalmers despite his clear foul-up in ruining his roast is inspiring.  We could all use that CIA touch to our lives.

This meme is also tragic.  We all remember the sad arc of CIA from The Dark Knight Rises.  We remember his fool hardy plan of shooting a man before throwing him out of a plane.  His hubris was his weakness, allowing Bane to crash this plane.  With no survivors!

But in this meme, CIA inhabits the soul of Seymour and battles for that information on Dr. Pavel, and in a way, emerges victorious, impressing his master at the end of the film.

4. Steamed Hams but Skinner has PTSD (made by Chris Wilson)

The only good thing to come from The Principal and the Pauper.  A trip into the mind of an old war veteran with more nuance than The Deer Hunter, this video illuminates the motives of Skinner as he bumbles his way through what could have been a tender moment with Gary.  If only he could tell Gary the truth, but alas Seymour never could.  How could Gary understand anything when he falls so easily for the ol’ Aurora Borealis trick?

Seymour is truly alone.


3. Steamed Hams but every time Skinner lies he descends 7% into the Netherworld (made by DeadFish)

Here we are.  From here on out, we are not just talking about Steamed Hams, we are talking about something more.  Something truly extraordinary.  These are the projects I will never forget, the ones that left a permanent mark on my soul, the moments where I felt the world breathing around me.

The most delightfully Devilish of them all, emotions run high in this piece that analyzes the toxic masculinity and pride that pushes Seymour to such levels.  This isn’t a joke.  This is a tragedy as we watch a man become engrossed in his lies and deceit, a man who will never be able to quite shake off his sins.

2. Steamed Hams but it’s Metal Gear Solid (made by Adam Davidson)

A piece so epic in scale that it had even its own trailer, this meme is a triumph of editing.  A masterclass of creativity.  On every level, Steamed Hams is molded into the famous PS1 series.  Throughout the film, there are lapses in time where all we are treated to is a loading screen.  Suspense builds and you begin to sweat.  Is this the end of the piece?  Is this a classic case of the memelord promising more than they can manage?

I promise you, reader, that Adam Davidson is a true auteur.  So enraptured in its vision, this film lifts you up through its odyssey of high concepts and when you witness the ending and move onto the next meme, you will feel like a new person.

1. Steamed Hams but it’s a Piano Dub (made by Finn M-K)

If Steamed Hams could ever tire out, which it won’t, this would be the shining light that would convince everyone to lay down their arms.  Not only functioning as a wonderful bit of comedy, this meme serves as a tribute to wonderful team behind The Simpsons.  The comedy at play between Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria operates on such a rhythmic level that the music plays as a real song.  Matching the action perfectly from story beat to story beat, this labor of love breaths life into a scene that has been re-edited hundreds of times in the past month.

Thank you for viewing this list.  I hope you might walk away from it saying, “Well Katrina, you’re an odd fellow.  But I must say, you rank a good ham.”


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