Newsletter Announcement!

Hey gang!  I’m excited to share with you guys that I’m starting my own newsletter!  Click here if you are interested.

I am starting it because I took my own advice for once, and I am taking myself seriously.  I have started working as a freelance writer in addition to my Barista job and honestly, it’s been going really well so far!

I have three different publishers interested in drafts for essays from me, and I actually signed a contract a few days ago for one essay.  Which is weird.  It’s weird getting paid for this sort of thing right out of the gate.  Especially when it’s an essay on my high school bully.

No one tell him, okay?  Oy.

But I digress.  What I am trying to say is that the blog is going to slow down a bit because I need to be financially responsible and start submitting my essays/stories/poetry to websites instead of just posting them here immediately, but I really like putting Content out there so I figured a Newsletter would fit the bill.

The Unapologetically Meatwad Newsletter will be weekly and is going to have a ton of different flavors going on in it.  It’s going to feature original artwork, discussions on LGBT things as well as media, updates on what I’m working on, and finally, a writing prompt from yours truly.  🙂 Again, if you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

I’m really excited for this year and I can never say it enough, but thank you for sticking around and reading my stuff.  It means a ton.

Finally, I know this blog has been all think piece-y and bloggy lately but fear not: I will be dropping a new story sometime this week.  It’s going to be about Lydia, the assassin featured in The Best at What She Does, and it’s a story about why she does what she does.  Which is kill people.  You know.  Assassins and all that.  Bad stuff.  Watch out.

Okay, I’ve rambled on for too long!  Thank you guys again, love you, and have a nice night.


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