Hi!  This is the archive for the entire blog.  Every piece can be found here.

Here’s a special challenge for you go-getters: If you can find the one thing on this list that I did not write, shoot me a PM and I’ll do a prompt-based short story of your choice!

A (+) indicates multiple chapters / stories.

Short Stories (Dramatic)
* Accept Me
* Artifacts
* Baby
* Binding
* Bleeding
* Chamomile in My Coffee
* Come Out, I Love You
* Eye of the Hurricane
* Her Too?
* How to Get Two Free Samples and Maybe Learn a Little Something About Yourself Along the Way
* It Gets Easier
* Julia
* Katrinick (50th Post Extravaganza!)
* Let’s Go Be True
* Love Among Thieves
* Road to Death
* Selfish
* The Best at What She Does
* Tide Goes in, Tide Goes Out
* Two Scoops
* What is This Crimson?
* Why I Do It: Confessions from a Mercenary

Film Criticism
* Big Hats Over the San Fernando Valley: Misunderstood Trauma in Hollywood
* Lessons in Power from My Hero Academia
* Love Conquers All in Shape of Water
* My Journey Growing Apart from Transparent as a Transwoman
* My Trans Experience with My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
* The Devil Does Sammy Davis Jr. Impressions

* A Performance For My Masters: A Trans Story in Roleplay
* Drop the Binary: Trans Thoughts on the Women’s March
How My Name Change Changed My Life
* Nerd Culture 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone
* Nerd Culture 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Content
Nerd Culture 2.0+1.0: You Can (Not) Look Away
* Red Blouse and a Pink Dress
* Shut Up and #ChangeTheChannel

* 10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo
* 5 Problems with LA Public Transit
* 5 Things I Learned Canvassing During the California Primaries
* New Year, New Me(atwad)
* Steamed Hams But It’s a Top 10 List

* A Kitten Named Ariadne, She Died, She Died
* Celebrities at the Grocery Store
* Daddy, Hey Daddy
* English Assignment
* Haunted
* I Don’t Know
* If I Were a Cis Girl
* Johnny Rockets with a Coworker
* Love Letter to Los Angeles
* Mail Call
* Mo(u)rning Routine
* On the Nose
* Sapphire into Emerald
* Tipping
* Transition

Short Stories (Comedy)
* Argyle Sweater Weather or How to Unlock Your True Sense of Being But Not Really
* Benedict Arnold
* How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Defuse the Bomb
* I Just Fell in Love with a Marsupial and I Don’t Know What to Make of It
* Me and Shadow the Hedgehog
* Mob Boss’ Day Out
* Mr. Bear or How to Ignore Your Problems and Become the Beast You Always Feared You Were
* Mrs. Dogbutt or How to Make Assumptions About Green Tea Lattes That Put You in a Bad Spot in Life
* The Amscray Gang
* The Evilest Guy Around
* The Lucky Fucking Penny
* The Old Wench and the President
* The Vice Principal and the Cyclops
* The Wizard Who Knows All Forms of Magic but Prefers the Heft of a Shotgun in Their Hands to Anything Else (+)
* Two Knucklehead Trans Enemies
* Your Greatest Strengths
* Vinny’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day