Big Hats Over the San Fernando Valley: Misunderstood Trauma in Hollywood

We live in a world where I can come home from work to the sounds of gunshots and sirens blaring from behind a closed door, and it has such little effect on me as I slip off my shoes and think about what I would like to make for dinner.

Violence is a tragedy; an unfortunate piece of humanity that springs up in the most intense forms of disagreements between dueling personalities. But we are surrounded by it at all times.  To encourage violence, to make it as stylish and flashy as possible, pushes dialogs that give voices to our murderers, our rapists, and these Nazis that have somehow become a legitimate political view in our country.

Alright, alright. That’s strike 1. Called someone a Nazi right out of the gate. Right away, bam! Godwin’s Law. Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.

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5 Problems with LA Public Transit

“Yeah, you know, LA Public Transportation sucks, like it’s so bad I don’t even use it,” said the person who owns a car.

As someone who has been using the Public Transportation here for nearly three years under protest, I have a lot of experience with this issue and would like to outline some very specific reasons at to why the Transit here is the most disappointing thing to happen since the release of all-star video game, Shadow the Hedgehog.  (I mean it’s an angsty hedgehog with a gun; what could go wrong?)

Because saying LA Metro sucks is not enough.  It’s so bad that I have had to trick myself into thinking that it’s a conspiracy by the government to torture lower class people.  I know it’s not true but I need that for my reality to make sense.

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