Measure of a Mook: Chapter 8 (a Kim Possible fanfic)


The Generator: Drakken’s Lair
July 26, 2007: 3:34PM

The entire lair started to shake violently. Kim, Ron, Rufus, Shego, and Drakken were all thrown against the guardrails, the floor cracking beneath their feet. Kim pulled herself back up to her feet, and looked to Shego.

“Tell me there’s an escape plan,” Kim grunted.

“Ya think I’d still be standing here if there was enough time to get to it?!” Shego shot back as she held onto Drakken with one hand. Had it not been for her, his unconscious body would have fallen into the pit. This was bad.


Kim’s jaw dropped. At least Middleton’s safe? she forced herself to think.

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Measure of a Mook: Chapter 7 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

Moam7“So what are you going to do with the East Coast after you destroy it? Take over the fish market?”

“What do I look like? A—actually…”

The Generator: Drakken’s Lair
July 26, 2007: 3:19PM

“…that’s not a bad idea,” Drakken mused, stepping backwards onto a platform with its own guardrails set up. Rapping his fingers against the dashboard, he flicked a switch and the platform started rising.

“But no!” Drakken shouted as the platform stopped at Ron’s eye level. “That is not my big plan.”

“So what is your big plan, Doc?” Ron smiled, his smirk combined with his raised eyebrow was threatening on many levels. His sheer confidence was beating Drakken down.

“And why would I tell you that?” Drakken pouted, crossing his arms.

“Yeah you’re right,” Ron sighed. “It’s probably the lamest plan ever. Lamer than Drakkanada.”

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Drakken shouted, waving his finger. “I was…going through some stuff when that happened. But! Feast your eyes on this!” Drakken cried out, turning to face the wall behind them just in time to watch a large television screen descending from the ceiling.

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Measure of a Mook: Chapter 6 (a Kim Possible fanfic)


“So we’re looking at an earthquake generator that is capable of taking out the entire East Coast with a tsunami…”

“Didn’t he already do something like this?”

“Ron. Focus. Keep going, Wade.”

Aboard an Airplane: Somewhere Over the Atlantic Ocean
July 26, 2007: 2:45PM

“But, correct me if I’m wrong, KP,” Ron started, fitting on his scuba outfit. “But he tried to shift the whole planet back into one solid continent, didn’t he? Isn’t this a little small?”

“Well he did just come back out of retirement,” Kim offered weakly, already fitted into her outfit. She looked back into her Kimmunicator. “Y’know, I thought for sure that Drakken was never going to go back to his old ways.”

Ron looked up at Kim. Was she finally opening up about something?

“Hey, maybe Wade made a mistake,” Ron offered.

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Measure of a Mook Chapter 5 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

SCAN0004“A broken spine, a concussion, several other broken bones, and oh right, you put him into a coma! We needed him to talk!”

Outside The Futokka Otoko: Yamanouchi, Japan
July 20, 2007: 11:21PM

Kim and Ron listened to one of the Yamanouchi cops go off on them for ten minutes. By this point the kids had all been shipped off, and with the help of six orderlies, they managed to unearth the Sumo Ninja and send him on his way to the hospital.

“We’re sorry. It won’t happen again,” Kim said, her eyes darting back and forth between the officer and Ron, who had remained silent the whole time.

“Do your parents even know you’ve been here?”

“Believe me, they know,” Kim growled, grabbing Ron by the hand and leading him off of the crime scene. “I’m hungry. You hungry?” she asked, forcing a smile at him. He didn’t respond.
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Measure of a Mook Chapter 4 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

Chapter 4“Alright, Ron, I want you on the hostage situation. I’ll take care of the mob, okay?”

“KP, you sure? These guys are packing, I want to be there with you.”

The Futokka Otoko: Yamanouchi, Japan
July 20, 2007: 9:42PM

A dark night in Yamanouchi. Clouds loomed overhead, threatening a storm.

Kneeling on top of a dilapidated nightclub was Team Possible. Ron was dressed in his standard mission attire, Kim in her battle suit; it was the only way she could really keep up with Ron in the missions now. The wind was blowing harshly.

“Ron, trust me. Sensei and Yori have trained you well for a hostage mission where you have to get in and out unnoticed,” Kim explained earnestly.

“KP, you’re talking to the guy who always loses his pants.”

“You’re not going to lose your pants. We’ve come a long ways from there,” Kim affirmed. At least I hope. “My suit will help me against the mob, but I need you to focus on getting those kids out of there.”
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One More Final: I Need You (an Evangelion fanfic)

One More FinalThe ocean of blood went as far as the eye could see. Unspeakable anguish in the place of the midsummer land that was once their home. The Third Impact.

Somehow, the world was able to become what they knew it to be after the Second Impact. People were able to come together and rebuild, and breathe life into something so hollow and so longing.

Miss Misato witnessed that, but it very much seemed like she was gone, as was anyone else. All that remained was Shinji’s feeble hands clutched to her throat, thumb against the windpipe.


She guessed that she felt numb. It was hard to say.
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Rebirth (Chapter 3 – a Batman fanfic)

Chapter 3This drawing makes no sense but I am very tired and laughed a lot making it, sorry. 😦

It was only a few weeks into Dick’s war on crime that he found himself in the Middle East, doing what else but dueling Ra’s Al Ghul himself around the rim of the Lazarus Pit. It was fun when he was a kid and Ra’s was this upper-crust frenemy of Bruce’s that lit something up in his eyes, their banter electrifying. As an adult though, he just wanted to scream at Ra’s to get over the Lazarus Pit inspired villainy because it wasn’t happening.

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