Measure of a Mook Chapter 4 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

“Alright, Ron, I want you on the hostage situation. I’ll take care of the mob, okay?”

“KP, you sure? These guys are packing, I want to be there with you.”

The Futokka Otoko: Yamanouchi, Japan
July 20, 2007: 9:42PM

A dark night in Yamanouchi. Clouds loomed overhead, threatening a storm.

Kneeling on top of a dilapidated nightclub was Team Possible. Ron was dressed in his standard mission attire, Kim in her battle suit; it was the only way she could really keep up with Ron in the missions now. The wind was blowing harshly.

“Ron, trust me. Sensei and Yori have trained you well for a hostage mission where you have to get in and out unnoticed,” Kim explained earnestly.

“KP, you’re talking to the guy who always loses his pants.”

“You’re not going to lose your pants. We’ve come a long ways from there,” Kim affirmed. At least I hope. “My suit will help me against the mob, but I need you to focus on getting those kids out of there.”
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One More Final: I Need You (an Evangelion fanfic)

The ocean of blood went as far as the eye could see. Unspeakable anguish in the place of the midsummer land that was once their home. The Third Impact.

Somehow, the world was able to become what they knew it to be after the Second Impact. People were able to come together and rebuild, and breathe life into something so hollow and so longing.

Miss Misato witnessed that, but it very much seemed like she was gone, as was anyone else. All that remained was Shinji’s feeble hands clutched to her throat, thumb against the windpipe.


She guessed that she felt numb. It was hard to say.
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Rebirth (Chapter 3 – a Batman fanfic)

This drawing makes no sense but I am very tired and laughed a lot making it, sorry. 😦

It was only a few weeks into Dick’s war on crime that he found himself in the Middle East, doing what else but dueling Ra’s Al Ghul himself around the rim of the Lazarus Pit. It was fun when he was a kid and Ra’s was this upper-crust frenemy of Bruce’s that lit something up in his eyes, their banter electrifying. As an adult though, he just wanted to scream at Ra’s to get over the Lazarus Pit inspired villainy because it wasn’t happening.

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Rebirth (Chapter 2 – a Batman fanfic)

Gordon’s funeral passed by Bruce’s ears at a low hum. An eternal bullet whirring around his head like a pesky fly. Vague memories of Jim flashed by in his mind, but they came out like film strips that were exposed to light before they got to tell their story.

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Rebirth (Chapter 1 – a Batman fanfic)

The door bell had been thundering through the empty halls of stately Wayne Manor like a disagreeable newborn, its wails painful and unending.  Bruce Wayne awoke to it finally, images of firearms going off plastered in his mind. A bad dream.

The bell rang for a perfect four seconds and then started anew immediately, as if the ringer knew when exactly to hit the button to chain the sound together into one long continuous annoyance.

This was unheard of within the walls of Wayne Manor.

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The Forgotten Tarrey Town (a Legend of Zelda fanfic)

One hundred twenty shrines, nine hundred Korok seeds, four Divine Beasts, and many nights spent running away from Stalchildren instead of sleeping, and Link still found himself getting pummeled by Calamity Ganon.

Dead-eyed, Link bounced up and down off the floor as Ganon swung his fists into our mighty hero. The pain ricocheted through his body, splitting each nerve end, bones crumbling to dust. Yet all the while, Link could not bring himself to summon Daruk, the Goron Champion, to come to his aid and shield him from Ganon’s terrifying wrath.

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Mama Mia! (an existential Mario fanfiction)

“Alright, we need to get this done quick and easy. No foul-ups.”

Waluigi cackled as he coolly pulled up the collar to his trench-coat, leering at his brother, Wario.

Wario smiled, twirling his mustache, as he gazed at the Poison Mushroom Gun a shadowy figure had just handed him.

“You got dat?” the shadowy figure wheezed.

“Oh yeah!” Wario cheered. Waluigi laughed softly under his breath and offered polite applause for his brother.

“Good,” the shadowy figure smiled, lazily tossing a Poison Mushroom Gun to Waluigi. “Let’s ice this pesky plumber.”

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