Daddy, Hey Daddy


I never really knew you
Connected with you
You were at war and I was at war
Then you were gone

But everything is still the same
I’m here alone like I always was
Homing in on the whispers between leaves
Instead of drifting


Did you know it would be like this

That’d be so typical
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Mo(u)rning Routine


Wake up
Unplug phone
Skimm, Scroll
Read, learn, breathe

Gun control, sex affairs
Vomiting teenagers, calls to action
Calls for submissions, reading
Are you unhappy, sort of, scroll a little more

Frown, cry, writhe
Stop scrolling
Take meds, wait no, no water
Need water, go to kitchen

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English Assignment


There should be a rule instated
That the moment a foot is out the door
It immediately becomes illegal
To assign homework

Before I became, well
Um don’t judge, I didn’t pick the name
The Old Guy did

I would do my homework
It was
Nice, yes, it was
Nice, calming really

A poem? He wants a poem
About our life
As if I have time to write one
As if I have a reality to share

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Sad Internet People

I met my favorite Let’s Player
At a convention
He wore a giant Mario hat
And my heart blasted out of my chest when I saw him

I watched him for hundreds of hours
A man who had saved me from panic attacks
From suicide
From being alone

His head bowed down to his chest
Saying “Pew! Pew!”
At his 3DS
Both screens black

Unable to raise his voice
To ask some people
If they could
Take a picture of us

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SCAN0004A party in my childhood home
Three-ten South Street
I lived there for six years
And it’s exactly two thousand nine hundred eighty three miles away

It was the last house I lived in
Which was eight years ago
And in this dream I have every week
I throw a party there

High school friends, college friends, people I’ve never met
Drinking booze and breaking things in my old home
That I only ever had one friend visit
I dream of this story often

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