Mail Call

I heard the mail man stop by / I got up and went outside and found / Two other people doing just the same / Now I’m just as boring as everybody else

On the Nose

A clap on the back, a glimmer in the eyes / A smile that doesn’t fit; glowing skin /A tension I didn’t want, my coulda shoulda woulda didn’ts / You ole so-and-so how you doing

Sapphire into Emerald

A swarm of angry bees. Whirling like a hurricane. Buzzing, impossible to hear above the roar. They don’t understand. They weren’t there. They didn’t see him.

I Don’t Know

I don't know why I'm here again Is this me, I didn’t think I’d do this, be this I smiled yesterday, your voice convinced me It was worth it but today A million miles away

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