A Kitten Named Ariadne, She Died, She Died

I found a stray kitten wandering outside my apartment complex
She was so curious and pawed at everything her little body would allow
Climbed to places I would never dare
Even though they were just two feet off the ground

Something in me was struck
So I tried to save her

I followed her around, coaxing her to get into this box
So she could be warm and safe that night
And failed and watched her fade into shadow
And had nightmares about her safety

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Celebrities at the Grocery Store

I work at the Ralph’s in Studio City!
Nice, a lot of movie stars go there.
I’m at the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks.
Oh yeah, lots of movie stars like that one.

I just want Brad Pitt to barge in and say
“Hey who gives a flying fuck?”
The door under my watchful eye for the whole orientation
Nope, he’s downstairs though I bet, he just loves the attention

People pretending to be other people
Because they can’t handle their own skin
How brave of them, let’s give them a mansion
Universal acclaim because you are attractive

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