It Gets Easier

She wanted it to be over, no, she needed it to be over. Therapy wouldn’t help, friends couldn’t help, and everything she ever loved had become empty. So many times had Emilia recited this explanation in the afterlife. Even just thinking about it was exhausting. It was funny really. All the people that called Heaven their home were there under the presumption that they were ‘good,’ or at the very least, not shitty. Yet none of them could understand.

Your Greatest Strengths

Hi, I’m Clara, I’m from Indianapolis, I moved here to be a Production Designer and I just left a job at—oh—shoot—sorry, well—that’s all true—what I meant to say is—a year ago—I worked at Coffee Bean for a few months a-and it was—it was really good! I learned a lot there!


Ashes fell from above. Armageddon had its way and then moved on just as quickly to turn something else into ruins.

Tide Goes In, Tide Goes Out

The waves rolled in and out, soothing the ear as they swept back and forth, like sand in a bottle falling from one end to the other. I looked up at Francesca. She had been holding my hand, guiding me across the coastline in silence for a long time. Was she quiet so she could better embrace the glory of the ocean? Or was she scared of being heard?

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