Your Greatest Strengths

Hi, I’m Clara, I’m from Indianapolis, I moved here to be a Production Designer and I just left a job at—oh—shoot—sorry, well—that’s all true—what I meant to say is—a year ago—I worked at Coffee Bean for a few months a-and it was—it was really good! I learned a lot there!


Ashes fell from above. Armageddon had its way and then moved on just as quickly to turn something else into ruins.

Love Among Thieves

Light blasted his body, silhouetting him from behind, dust hanging in the air. Each gesture sent the rays of light dancing behind him.

Sapphire into Emerald

A swarm of angry bees. Whirling like a hurricane. Buzzing, impossible to hear above the roar. They don’t understand. They weren’t there. They didn’t see him.

The Amscray Gang

She had only just landed on the girder and they were already terrified of her. Cape still wavering from her landing, Nightmare looked up at the gallery of goons spread out before her. Salvatore Cagan’s gang had just robbed a laboratory of some valuable and possibly destructive tech. their chase with the police had lead them into a construction zone.


She had failed him and now he was gone. Katrina lied on the floor, cape crumpled against the furniture, hand held out in front of her, clutching onto an invisible object. Shaking. Sweat dripping from her forehead. Eyes unfocused. Mouth agape.

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