Measure of a Mook Chapter 5 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

SCAN0004“A broken spine, a concussion, several other broken bones, and oh right, you put him into a coma! We needed him to talk!”

Outside The Futokka Otoko: Yamanouchi, Japan
July 20, 2007: 11:21PM

Kim and Ron listened to one of the Yamanouchi cops go off on them for ten minutes. By this point the kids had all been shipped off, and with the help of six orderlies, they managed to unearth the Sumo Ninja and send him on his way to the hospital.

“We’re sorry. It won’t happen again,” Kim said, her eyes darting back and forth between the officer and Ron, who had remained silent the whole time.

“Do your parents even know you’ve been here?”

“Believe me, they know,” Kim growled, grabbing Ron by the hand and leading him off of the crime scene. “I’m hungry. You hungry?” she asked, forcing a smile at him. He didn’t respond.
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TransitionNaked flesh on the mattress pad
Nether regions glowing a soft red
‘Neath the warm autumn glow through the sheets
I should love myself right now I think

Yet before anything even happens
A throbbing pain like a split nerve
Sticking to the sharpie stained finger is
A droplet of red

A year on estrogen and spironolactone
Has made me so ugly
A body trying to be
Anything else

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Big Hats Over the San Fernando Valley: Misunderstood Trauma in Hollywood

San Fernando.JPGWe live in a world where I can come home from work to the sounds of gunshots and sirens blaring from behind a closed door, and it has such little effect on me as I slip off my shoes and think about what I would like to make for dinner.

Violence is a tragedy; an unfortunate piece of humanity that springs up in the most intense forms of disagreements between dueling personalities. But we are surrounded by it at all times.  To encourage violence, to make it as stylish and flashy as possible, pushes dialogs that give voices to our murderers, our rapists, and these Nazis that have somehow become a legitimate political view in our country.

Alright, alright. That’s strike 1. Called someone a Nazi right out of the gate. Right away, bam! Godwin’s Law. Don’t worry. It won’t happen again.

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