Hi!  I’m Katrina Jagelski and I’m a trans artist and freelance writer local to Los Angeles.  I’ve been published with Argot Magazine, The Mary Sue, Anime Feminist, and POMEmag.

I write about queerness, media, mental health, politics, and activism.  Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of mileage writing stories and essays about my high school bully so shhhh, don’t tell him.


10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo: A Star Wars Story 
(for The Mary Sue)

5 Things I Learned Canvassing During the California Primaries
(for POMEmag)

A Performance for My Masters: A Trans Story in Roleplay
(for Argot Magazine)

How My Name Change Changed My Life
(for Argot Magazine)

Love Conquers All in the Shape of Water
(for Cultured Vultures)

My Trans Experience with My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
(for Anime Feminist)

Nerd Culture 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone
Nerd Culture 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Content
Nerd Culture 2.0+1.0: You Can (Not) Look Away
(a series for POMEmag)

Red Blouse and a Pink Dress
(for Spark)

The Contemptible But Otherwise Lovable Villain
(available upon request, to be published in Mixtape.LGBT)


((for Unapologetically Meatwad)

It Gets Easier
(for Unapologetically Meatwad)

The Old Wench and the President
(for Unapologetically Meatwad)


Mr. Bear or How to Ignore Your Problems and Become the Beast You Always Feared You Were
(for ArchiveOfOurOwn)

Stay With Me
(for Wattpad)

The Wizard Who Knows All Forms of Magic But Prefers the Heft of a Shotgun in Their Hands to Anything Else
(for ArchiveOfOurOwn)


English Assignment
(for Unapologetically Meatwad)

Sapphire into Emerald
(for Unapologetically Meatwad)

Trans Love Poem
(available upon request, published in the print edition of Hargot Volume 2)


The Day Off
(an animated short)

The Good, The Bob, and the Hoskins
(a short film)

(a short film)

When is Enough Enough, Godzilla?
(a CYOA webseries for Titmouse Studios)

If you want to keep up to date with my work, subscribe to my newsletter on TinyLetter, Unapologetically Meatwad.  Each edition features an original short story, in addition to links to my ongoing and recent works.