If I Were a Cis Girl

I woke up with a vagina between my legs
A permanently smooth face
And soft skin
And I cried because the nightmare was over

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It Gets Easier

It gets easier.

Words that don’t really mean anything, always said in the same wishy-washy way. Both of their hands on her wrist, a thumb bumping against the red ridges. Even in the ultimate paradise, her scars would always follow her. That promised relief never granted to her.

She wanted it to be over, no, she needed it to be over. Therapy wouldn’t help, friends couldn’t help, and everything she ever loved had become empty.

So many times had Emilia recited this explanation in the afterlife. Even just thinking about it was exhausting.

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Rebirth (Chapter 2 – a Batman fanfic)

Gordon’s funeral passed by Bruce’s ears at a low hum. An eternal bullet whirring around his head like a pesky fly. Vague memories of Jim flashed by in his mind, but they came out like film strips that were exposed to light before they got to tell their story.

He wanted to remember the man he fought alongside, the man who without hesitation was always there to make things happen, a man who had given up everything just so he could fight another day. Continue reading “Rebirth (Chapter 2 – a Batman fanfic)”

Celebrities at the Grocery Store

I work at the Ralph’s in Studio City!
Nice, a lot of movie stars go there.
I’m at the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks.
Oh yeah, lots of movie stars like that one.

I just want Brad Pitt to barge in and say
“Hey who gives a flying fuck?”
The door under my watchful eye for the whole orientation
Nope, he’s downstairs though I bet, he just loves the attention

People pretending to be other people
Because they can’t handle their own skin
How brave of them, let’s give them a mansion
Universal acclaim because you are attractive

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Rebirth (Chapter 1 – a Batman fanfic)

The door bell had been thundering through the empty halls of stately Wayne Manor like a disagreeable newborn, its wails painful and unending.  Bruce Wayne awoke to it finally, images of firearms going off plastered in his mind. A bad dream.

The bell rang for a perfect four seconds and then started anew immediately, as if the ringer knew when exactly to hit the button to chain the sound together into one long continuous annoyance.

This was unheard of within the walls of Wayne Manor.

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