In addition to the Katrina Gawain Universe, I have a few other series going down.  Both on here and on other sites.

The Wizard Knows All Form of Magic But Prefers the Heft of a Shotgun in Their Hands to Anything Else is a short story series about a non-binary wizard who is all-powerful, but has vowed against using magic out of sheer boredom, but nevertheless continues to go hunting for beasties. 

Mr. Bear is a short story series about a bear who was formerly the King of the Forest and is now trying to chill out and live the suburban life.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bear is also very stupid and is sometimes still inclined to commit murder.

The Bob Hoskins Chronicles is a video series about Bob Hoskins just kind of doing whatever madness he wishes to enact.

Meatwad Plays is my gaming series on YouTube where, like Bob Hoskins, I just kind of do whatever I want.