The Katrina Gawain Universe

Katrina Gawain is a character I have been writing for over a decade now.  She’s a strong, defiant young woman coming to terms with her sexuality and mental illness while trying to make the world a better place.  She’s a vigilante known as Nightmare.

She gives me strength and that is why I became Katrina.  You can read more about that in the essay I wrote for Argot Magazine.

What follows below are the stories of Katrina, her trans-father Lucius, her nemesis, Hector Morton Welles, and many others.

When I started this page, I didn’t expect to write so many of these but here we are, and I have designed a neat little reading order if you want to embark on this journey with me.

Feel free to skip around.  I have written these stories to give LGBT people someone to look up to, and to also help people through their own individual healing.

First Flights: The Beginnings of Nightmare
Benedict ArnoldNightmare and her mentor work together to finish her homework.
Your Greatest Strengths – Nightmare helps out a kid that’s her age.
English Assignment – A little angst.
Daddy, Hey Daddy – And then a whole ton of it.

One Shots: The voices of Estreya
The Best at What She Does – A monologue from one of Nightmare’s rogue gallery, a mercenary called Lydia Irving.
Vinny’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – Vinny’s never been too good at expressin’ himself, ya get?

Spirals: The story about the pains of healing 
Let’s Go Be True – Nightmare is sent off to help out at the LGBT Center.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Defuse the Bomb – A nuclear missile is fired off at the city and the only way to stop it is from the inside.
Come Out, I Love You – Nightmare and her father have an argument.
Selfish – Nightmare commits the one act that scared her the most.
Accept Me – Nightmare finds physical comfort in another.
Bleeding – Tw: Self-harm, suicide
Sapphire into Emerald – Pains that never quite go away.

Old Wounds: The story of two lovers growing apart. 

Binding – Lucius and Hector’s experiment goes poorly.
Baby – Lucius and Hector go down very different paths.
Why I Do It: Confessions from a Mercenary – Hector’s bodyguard, Lydia, has a few things to say.
Her Too? – After not speaking for decades, Lucius and Hector meet to talk about Katrina.
Chamomile in My Coffee – Hector reflects on a gender dysphoria they are too ashamed to admit.

Hardball: Two mobsters who just can’t help but fall in love 
The Amscray GangRhino feels a little let down by his boss.
Love Among Thieves – Sal gets a little frustrated with Rhino after running through his stand-up set.

Thanks again for reading!  You’ll be hearing more from these guys, believe me.