10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo (The Mary Sue)


This one was a dream for me to write.  It’s a relief to have this one off my chest, although the comment section is upstaging me right now in terms of inside knowledge haha.

10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo

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Published on Pomegranate Magazine! Nerd Culture 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone


This is the first part of a three parter on Nerd Culture I’m writing.  Episode 1.0 is an exploration on validation told through the life of alleged weeaboo Robin Williams.

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I wrote a story about healing last year called It Gets Easier that features Williams as a character.  You should check it out if you have time!

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Published on Argot Magazine! “How My Name Change Changed My Life.”


I am so honored and humbled to be featured onto this incredible queer online lit mag.

They were absolutely wonderful to work with from beginning to end and I am really proud of this piece.  You can check it out here:

How My Name Change Changed My Life

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Daddy, Hey Daddy


I never really knew you
Connected with you
You were at war and I was at war
Then you were gone

But everything is still the same
I’m here alone like I always was
Homing in on the whispers between leaves
Instead of drifting


Did you know it would be like this

That’d be so typical
So color me unsurprised Continue reading

Mr. Murdaher or How To Not Hold a Sandwich


A man hungry. His mood? Confused. His disposition? Sour. His legacy?

Short. Oh yes. This is not a man who will live long enough to see Avatars Two Through Five. Painful to acknowledge but for now, do not fret. Prolong your grief, Dear Reader, for there is more to say about this man.

Such as his hands? Full. For they hold a sandwich.

Does this make sense? The way these two forces correlate? No?

That’s alright. It will in due time. Trust me.

It was a snowy day and Mr. Bear was having lunch with his esteemed friend, Mr. Rhino, a brutish fellow who had made many a thoughtful investment in his youth. Mr. Bear blushed a deep red as he sat across Mr. Rhino in this illustrious home crafted out of sheer gold.

He blushed even deeper when in came to cut the chit chat and launch right into the reason he was there, for these two former friends turned acquaintances at best were meeting in order to discuss a certain —

“I killed a Stag with my BEAR hands, Mr. Rhino. He’s rotting in my front yard right now, what do I do?”

— je ne sais quois. Continue reading

Two Knucklehead Trans Enemies



DAKOTA DEMING (16), a very stylish bully with a spit-curl and leather jacket, is buried in the discount section, slowly peeling through the brighter colored items.

ARTHUR MCDUFFIE (16), a heavily repressed teenager and also this small town’s local vigilante, passes through and sees Deming. Does a full body double take, stepping forward and backward, leaning dangerously far to take a gander at her.

Yes. Her.

Both Deming and Arthur, by the end of this film, will be using she/her pronouns.  You know how I know that?  Because I’m trans and I can clock a closeted transgirl from a mile away.

Arty smirks and reaches into her backpack, partially pulling out her Dark Claw uniform, an uninspired rehash of the Zoro ensemble.

Have no fear —

Arty jumps into a clothes rack just as Deming turns to see the heroine.

The clothes ripple and part as Arty dives out, Dark Claw uniform still in hand, unknown to her. She strikes a pose as if she is in her hero garb, but is now clad in a stylish sleeveless dress and heels, curly mop of hair now behind her shoulders and elegantly styled. Make-up too!

Dark Claw’s here!

Deming blinks.

What’s up with the dress, Arty? Continue reading