5 Things I Learned Canvassing During the California Primaries (POMEmag)


Hey fellas!  New piece from me.  I canvassed during the California Primaries (and the Nevada ones) this year for about 3-4 weeks and it was definitely a game changing experience for me.  I never thought that I would have a voice strong enough to move voters, or that I’d be able to keep up with someone else in a conversation regarding politics.  I mean shit dude, I’m the dummy who likes to sing Suppertime from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown every time she feeds her cats.

So here are some lessons I learned on the trail, and what you might learn too once you get out there and advocate.



My Trans Experience with My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness! (AnimeFeminist)


Hello!  This is a very personal piece I wrote for Anime Feminist.  Hope you enjoy.  You can read it here.

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Nerd Culture 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Content (Pome-Mag)


I love working with Pome-Mag and feel so humbled to get to write a Part 2 to my initial piece on Nerd Culture that you can read here.

This piece has been a few months in the making and would not be possible without the tireless efforts of my editor.  You can read the new one here!

10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo (The Mary Sue)


This one was a dream for me to write.  It’s a relief to have this one off my chest, although the comment section is upstaging me right now in terms of inside knowledge haha.

10 Star Wars Spin-Offs I’d Rather See Than Solo

Thanks again for the support.  I have a few other projects that should be live within the next few weeks and I’m excited for you guys to read them. : )

Nerd Culture 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone (Pomegranate Magazine)


This is the first part of a three parter on Nerd Culture I’m writing.  Episode 1.0 is an exploration on validation told through the life of alleged weeaboo Robin Williams.

Click here to read!  Thanks for the support everyone!

I wrote a story about healing last year called It Gets Easier that features Williams as a character.  You should check it out if you have time!

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How My Name Change Changed My Life. (Argot Magazine)


I am so honored and humbled to be featured onto this incredible queer online lit mag.

They were absolutely wonderful to work with from beginning to end and I am really proud of this piece.  You can check it out here:

How My Name Change Changed My Life

Thank you again for reading me and I am really excited about some other things that will be coming up.  You’ll see them soon!

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Daddy, Hey Daddy


I never really knew you
Connected with you
You were at war and I was at war
Then you were gone

But everything is still the same
I’m here alone like I always was
Homing in on the whispers between leaves
Instead of drifting


Did you know it would be like this

That’d be so typical
So color me unsurprised Continue reading