First Flight (Chapter 1 to Stay With Me)

It had all happened too quickly that night.

First things first for lest we forget — Katrina Gawain was in the legendary high tech combat suit once dutifully worn by the superhero known as Nightmare, and more importantly, the anonymous user of that suit was talking her through every detail via radio.

The past few hours were something of a fever dream.  Details were vivid but so explosive from her norm that they demanded to be organized into narrative before any introspection.  She flew through the city in the hot pursuit of the enemy with no air of reality weighing down on her, and something about the whole outing felt like an answer to every question ever.

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What is This Crimson?

An empty bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade rattled against the bars to Mr. Bear’s prison cell.  The deceptively cuddly brown bear awoke with a start and with winced eyes steadily advanced towards   the click click click clack of the bottle. Once within arms’ reach he reached out to grab the bottle but as his claw brushed against the dusty glass, a white hand slunk out from the shadows and ran its arched fingers through his blood matted finger.

The hand was cold but quickly warmed up in his grasp.  

“Um,” Mr. Bear sniveled.  “Hi Mysterious Figure. I’m Mr. Bear and I’m so happy that I have decided to retire as King of the Forest and — ”

“Can it Bear,” the figure rasped.  “I’m springin’ ya from the slammer.”

Mr. Bear arched an eyebrow and threw his monstrous paws to his girlish hips.  “Why I was intending on getting out on good behavior! I don’t know if I like you very much stranger.”

“Fuck off Bear, it took me a dog’s age to get down here.”

The figure shimmied into the moonlight and let go of Mr. Bear’s paw as soon as her eyes met his.  Her summer dress was ragged, blond hair tied back in a messy knot, the strands lopsided along her round cheekbones, and her blue eyes were almost too wide to be mortal.  A smile twitched at the corner of her white whips before she dropped a knee and pulled a saw from her backpack. Continue reading

5 Things I Learned Canvassing During the California Primaries (POMEmag)


Hey fellas!  New piece from me.  I canvassed during the California Primaries (and the Nevada ones) this year for about 3-4 weeks and it was definitely a game changing experience for me.  I never thought that I would have a voice strong enough to move voters, or that I’d be able to keep up with someone else in a conversation regarding politics.  I mean shit dude, I’m the dummy who likes to sing Suppertime from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown every time she feeds her cats.

So here are some lessons I learned on the trail, and what you might learn too once you get out there and advocate. 

My Trans Experience with My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness! (AnimeFeminist)


Hello!  This is a very personal piece I wrote for Anime Feminist.  Hope you enjoy.  You can read it here.

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Nerd Culture 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Content (Pome-Mag)


I love working with Pome-Mag and feel so humbled to get to write a Part 2 to my initial piece on Nerd Culture that you can read here.

This piece has been a few months in the making and would not be possible without the tireless efforts of my editor.  You can read the new one here!